Star Trek Online Diplomacy Missions


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Star Trek Online Diplomacy Missions

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In Star Trek Online, Diplomacy is a general term to describe certain non-combat game play. Federation players can gain Diplomatic Experience (DXP ) by completing Diplomatic missions given by the Federation Diplomatic Corps, and; Duty Officer assignments of the diplomatic commendation branch.

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The Diplomatic commendation branch comprises the diplomacy game-play for Federation players in Star Trek Online. For players of the Klingon Empire, the corresponding commendation branch is called Marauding. Commendation ranks are obtained through collecting diplomatic commendation XP (Diplomatic CXP or DXP).

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Walkthroughs for Diplomatic Missions in Star Trek Online. We suggest updating your browser to a newer version or using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Sponsored Links

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Star Trek Online Diplomacy Guide by PatricianVetinari Sections: Tables of Contents, Rules and Intro Quests that grant Diplomatic Experience Points (DXP)

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Star Trek Online where the leg was really bad and you can see there's a few more missions here they could pick up but there were a few I mean a few months ago the leg was really bad and in Star Trek Online right around the time when they released the command tree for yeah.

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Greetings, I was wondering is there any quicker way to level up Diplomacy other than DOFF missions? Right now I am level 2 of Diplomacy and feel like it will take an eternity to max level. I read somewhere that you could get missions from a dude named Jiro Sugihara at ESD but he's not offering anything to me :( On the same note, any ...

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You have to do diplomacy duty officer assignments. It takes a while, but much better than doing the diplomatic missions, and you can do your normal gameplay in the meantime. Also, if you are level 50, Doing the surface tension mission will let you access The Omega Leonis Block, due to the ceasefire between the federation and the empire.

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To be fair, a lot of the aggression (at least for a Federation character) was/is not instigated by the player character. Most of the dumber/more aggressive actions--muddling in the timestream, for example--we partake in are under direct order by the brilliant geniuses that are Quinn, Kagran, and T'Nae, and against our objections.